Potfest 2020 Beating Covid

I’m so pleased that Matt Cox and the Potfest team have worked so hard against the odds to host all three shows during the ever changing restrictions we’ve all had to face during lockdown.

Dates and deadlines have changed but in essence the same experience will be provided for customers and exhibitors alike.

Health and safety precautions have been implemented to safeguard everyone. Masks and face guards have become a hopefully temporary staple alongside gloves for handling money, bacterial sprays to clean shared surfaces and pots that have been handled.

A one way system amongst the stalls will ensure the minimum of contact with other customers and each stall is separated by empty stalls to safeguard the potters exhibiting.

It’s going to be strange being there this week after the clocks have gone back when usually it’s a Summer show. I’m imagining my customers will be buying early gifts for Christmas.

Certainly I’m looking forward to seeing all my fellow potters again. Being self employed making pots can be quite isolating and Potfest is one of the few times we all see each other and sell directly to the lovely people that buy our work.

I’ll hopefully see some of you there!

Friday 30th October 10am till 4pm

Saturday 31st October 10am till 4 pm

Sunday 1st November 10am till 4pm

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