Enjoyed playing with my new Raku kiln today, professional launch at Thaxted Potters intermediate class on Saturday

Colchester Update

Colchester Throwdown students, the class tomorrow wasn’t convenient for some of the members so Colchester Institute has rearranged it for Monday 27th of November usual time 6 till 9 I apologise for the disruption and hope to see you there On a positive note a new class for the new year will be going live…

Potfest 2017

Enjoying the show as usual lots of pots, potters and wonderful characters pausing, praising, picking up, putting down and……..purchasing (hopefully).

Nigerian Coil Pots (Week2)

In this video you can see the coil techniques I demonstrated being implemented by an expert. The whole process is here from shaping and paddling to sourcing the clay and prepping it with grog. You even see the firing which may work better in the African climate where thermal shock from English summer rain is…


I’ve attached a video here aimed at extending your technique. This video focuses on opening the form and the different throwing pulls you can use. These videos are for your reference and not an indication of where you should be at any stage of the course, as I have said before it will take time…