Originating from Durham in the Northeast of England I have been working in Essex since 2003, I make two ranges of ceramics both are hand thrown, functional earthenware. The first and foremost is my Slipware that is raw fired to 1120. Slipware was for centuries the traditional rural pottery ware of Europe predating the industrial revolution and the Arts and Crafts Movement. The forms I make are inspired by functional ceramics from this era. A majority of contemporary artists favour porcelain and stoneware as their media of expression which originates from Eastern Ceramics. I made a conscious choice that the work I made would be rooted in an English tradition. The pots are decorated using slip trailed and incised decoration which is then glazed with a lead based glaze. Depending on the thickness of the slip and how it is applied a range of effects can be achieved. I like the materials and techniques I use to be visible to the people who use my pots and often let the warmth of the terracotta clay show either through the glaze or left bare, creating a textural contrast between the raw and glazed surfaces.

My second range called “Tatham & Day”  is a collaboration with Charlotte Day a botanical illustrator. These pots are tin glazed and incorporate her designs as decals on their surface, Initially  this ware was created as the subject of a RHS show at Hyde Hall in 2010 called “Plant Hunters” However the work proved so popular that we are continually developing new pieces together .

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